• Use DiamondX® for your Iron foundry fettling operations and achieve up to 100 times the life of a conventional abrasive wheel!
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Foundries (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous), Forge & Steel

Nut Inserted Grinding Cones & Wheels (T16, T17 and T18)

Vitrified Mounted Wheels, with a max operating speed of 40m/s

Zirconia Mounted Wheels, as an alternative to expensive Carbide Burrs

Cold Pressed Snagging Wheels

Zirconia Discs (T27, T41 and T42)

Large Cut-off Wheels

Hot Pressed Conditioning Wheels

Resin & Vitrified Bond Roll Grinding Wheels, up to 1,065mm diameter

Coated Abrasive Products in; Zirconia, Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide forms

Manufacture, Engineering & Tool Making

Full range of Abrasives, in Organic and Vitrified High and Low Temperature Bonds for all Precision Grinding Operations including:




Tool Grinding 


Flute Grinding 

Gear Grinding 

Cam & Crank Grinding 

Saw Sharpening


Super Abrasive Diamond and CBN Wheels on a full range of bodies

Dressing Tools & Sticks

Construction & Fabrication

Cutting and Grinding Discs for Angle Grinders

Cut-off wheels (Fixed and Portable)

Fibre Discs

Semi-flexible Grinding Wheel

Flap Wheels and Flap Discs

Diamond Core Drills

Diamond Saws


Grinding Segments

Grinding Wheels T1

Reinforced Grinding Wheels

Nut Inserted Cylinder Wheels

Rail Blades

MP12 Cup Stones

MV3 Cup Stones

Frog Cup Stones

Sport & Leisure

Grinding Wheels for Ski Grinding Machines

Abrasive Belts for Ski Grinding Machines

Dressing Sticks for the above

Abrasive Accessories for general Ski maintenance

Medical & Orthopaedic

Diamond and CBN Wheels and Points

Specialist Coated Abrasive Products


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